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Welcome! In this quickstart guide we will describe the basics of using Prelauncher, including how to build a prelaunch micro website using ready templates, configure it to satisfy the needs of your business, and integrate it with popular online services.

Prelauncher offers a lot of features in order to help you to get the most out of your prelaunch referral campaign.

Referral system
Take advantages of referral mechanics in order to gather hundreds of emails of potential customers even before launching your full e-commerce website.

Social sharing
Let your customers share their unique referral links in Facebook, Twitter, VK, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or by Email.

Web page builder
Build a simple two-page microsite with our beautiful website builder, no coding skills needed. Choose a layout, begin customizing and be online in a couple of minutes! If you need help with customization or design, please let us know.

Integrate your prelaunch website with email marketing services, url shorteners, and analytical tools. Need more integrations? Just let us know!

WordPress plugin
Do you have a WordPress website and want to add pre-launch pages to it? Read our WordPress guide where we will explain how to install and use our Prelaunch WordPress plugin.

Automated emails
Configure email messages sent to users after they submit emails or hit milestones.

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Referral system

Prelaunch referral system is designed to motivate people to share the information about your business with friends via digital channels such as social networks and email.

For every user who submits the email address we automatically generate the unique sharable link. When a referral comes to the website using this unique link, we save this information to our database.

By sharing the link with friends, users have the opportunity to earn free product. The more friends sign up using their unique referral link, the bigger prize they earn. As a result, users have a great chance to get prizes, while you are building up the database with emails of people interested in your products.


Configuration section of admin dashboard consists of 7 parts:

In this section you can add a new prize, modify already existing one, and download the list of all prizes and users in CSV format.

This section allows you to choose the desired subdomain. If you want to use your custom domain name - no problem, contact us and we will help you with it.

To prevent the situation when user refers himself subsquently to gain the award you can ask users to confirm the email address and forbid more than 1 sign up from the same IP address.

Search engine optimization
In this section you can add desired page title, page description, and meta keywords in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Social sharing
Select social networks relevant for your digital marketing strategy and add pre-populated text for the messages.

In this section you can customize email messages which will be sent automatically to users once they submit an email address or hit a new milestone.

In this section you can select the status of your prelaunch campaign, add favicon and privacy policy, or change your company's name and URL where visitors will be redirected to after the end of prelaunch campaign.

Website constructor

Prelaunch website consists of two pages: the first page contains the email capture form where user can enter email address, the second page includes unique referral link, social sharing buttons, and progress bar where user can find information about the friends who used his referral link and about the prize he won.

With help of our simple and elegant website builder business users, who do not have any programming skills, can easily choose one of ready web-page templates and customize it by uploading images, changing text, and choosing between various color and font options.

You can also contact us and we will help you with customization of your prelaunch website.


We offer simple integrations with 3 types of online services: Email Marketing Tools, Analytical Tools, and Link Shortners.

Integration with such email marketing solutions as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Get Response, Benchmark email, and Aweber will let you automatically add new email addresses submitted by users into your contact lists.

Analytical tools such as Google Analytics or Segment will help you to evaluate effectiveness of your pre-launch referral campaign, reveal the most converting digital marketing channels, and calculate important metrics such as conversion rate and customer acquisition cost.

Do you need more integrations? Feel free to contact us!

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Need help starting a prelaunch campaign? Feel free to contact us with any questions or problems and we will do our best to help you.

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