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Meet Prelauncher, prelaunch website builder which helps new online store owners to easily build a viral prelaunch website and start a referral prelaunch campaign.

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Create a Prelaunch Website and Start Acquiring First Customers in Minutes.

With help of Prelauncher you can take advantages of referral mechanics in order to effectively introduce your new company to potential customers, promote sharing in popular social networks, build up your email list, and improve search ranking of your full website.

Prelauncher provides you with simple and intuitive interface which allows you to choose a beautiful website template, add custom styles and branding, configure domain names, sharing and emails messages, and integrate your prelaunch campaign with popular online services.

You are going to launch a new e-commerce website in a couple of weeks, and you want to take advantages of referral (word-of-mouth) marketing in order to acquire tons of sign-ups before launching your full website.

You sign up at Prelauncher and build a beautiful prelaunch microsite with help of our simple website builder. No coding skills required. Read our guide to quickly get started!

You start a prelaunch referral campaign by asking friends to sign up at your prelaunch microsite and then share their unique referral links in popular social networks.

The more people sign up using their unique referral links, the bigger prize they earn. Your customers get small prizes while you are building up the database with emails of thousands of people who are interested in your products.

Your website goes viral and you are ready to launch your full website to a massive audience!

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